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For a whopping$30,000.00 you can now purchase the Iron Throne.

The Game of Thrones Iron Throne is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. This custom chair is designed to mimic the seat of kings in the Seven Kingdoms. On the show, the Iron Throne was constructed by Aegon I Targaryen, the first king of the Seven Kingdoms. He made it from the swords surrendered by his enemies. Legend has it, it’s made of a thousand swords that took 59 days to hammer out into a throne. Spikes and jagged edges in every direction make this one very intimidating lounge. Our version is constructed of hand-finished, hand-painted fiberglass and fire-proof resin that’s been twisted and turned to re-create the Game of Thrones design. Now’s your chance to own this very special custom-made piece of furniture that, by all appearances, is more closely related to art. Extra large in size, it measures over 7’ in height, close to 6’ in depth and 5.5’ in width. Calling it “impressive” is an understatement.

Additional Details
  • Dimensions: Height: 7’2”, Depth: 5’11”, Width: 5’5”
  • Made Of: Hand finished, hand painted fiberglass throne. Fire rated resin.
  • Weight: 350 pounds


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    I can make it cheaper….
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    Cue someone makingntheir own Iron throne out of swords. The internet calls for it. Iron price.
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    I’ll stick to my giant foam cushions
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    For a whopping$30,000.00 you can now purchase the Iron Throne. The Game of Thrones Iron Throne is unlike anything you’ve...
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    holy shit if i had money and space…
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    hey daddy.
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